As estate planning attorneys, The Law Offices of Camille R. McBride, advise clients on their options of dividing real and personal property after death, and create any number of necessary documents pertaining to our client’ s estate and finances — including wills and trusts. Our attorneys also assist clients in setting out their end-of-life health care wishes through living wills and health care powers of attorney.

Estate planning relates to issues that matter to everyone, including the following:

  • Evaluating life goals, including financial goals, values and relationships
  • Taking purposeful steps toward designing and ensuring one’s own legacy
  • Protecting assets, protecting family, promoting ideals and guarding businesses and properties
  • Planning for a smooth transfer of assets from one generation to the next
  • Carrying out the transfer of assets according to one’s own wishes even beyond one’s own lifetime
  • Standing up for what one believes is right and fair in cases of will contests or trust litigation
  • Caring for vulnerable family members or other designated beneficiaries
  • Keeping monetary and material aspects of life in line with one’s beliefs and ideals