Are You Being Sued?

Are you being sued?  If a civil lawsuit has been filed against you by a creditor or collection agency, my law office can provide you with representation.  Once you have received the Summons and Complaint, it is important for you to respond.  Should you fail to respond appropriately it is likely that judgment will be entered against you followed by post-judgment collection process proceedings.

I am licensed to practice in Maryland, District of Columbia, and Florida as well as the federal courts in those jurisdictions.  I have represented individuals, like you, who need legal assistance.  I have years of varied legal experience in defending lawsuits and resolving problems.

If a complaint has been filed against you, I can help.  If you are reluctant to answer your own phone because of harassing calls from creditors, I can help.  If you have found it difficult to meet your financial obligations and have been unable to persuade your creditors to work with you to resolve your debt, I can help.

I practice in the areas of: Debtors’ Rights, Bankruptcy, Consumer Law, Mortgage Loss Mitigation, Divorce & Family Law, Wills & Estates Law, Traffic & DUI/DWI, and Immigration.  If you are interested in resolving your case effectively and efficiently at a fair cost, with an experienced attorney, please consider my law office.  I am available to meet with you in Baltimore County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, or downtown in the District of Columbia.

I may be reached at (301) 325-3322 or (301) 262-7353.    


Camille R. McBride, Esquire